Продам трицикл реабил.США, Стульчик гигиенический

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    Стульчик гигиенический новый http://psec.com.ua/ko/IMG_20161001_205525.jpg

    1000 грн (складной)

    Трицикл - 25000 грн 

    Hand & Foot Amtryke Therapeutic Tricycles

    модель AM-16.

    Соответствие в ростe

    длина ноги от центра бедра до подошви 60-66 см

    длина руки от плеча до запястья 45-69 см

    рост до 169 см

    вес до 79 кг

    (согласно таблицы http://www.amtrykestore.org/Sizing Chart.html

    Причина продажи - ошибка в размере.

    Назначение - для реабилитации, тренировки, координации движений.


     The AM-16  AmTryke  features the combination hand/foot drive.  Designed to build strength and coordination for a wide range of children with disabilities. The hand /foot cycles are intended to stimulate reciprocal movement and increase range of motion. The AM-16 features four-way adjustable seating that allows the seating option to go up/down and forward/back to adjust for a wide variety of rider sizes. Safety steering lock pin for parental control. Foot plates feature a heel trap, with toe and instep strap to secure riders feet to the pedals. Loading lock allows safe and easy transfer of riders. NEW! Rear steering feature so that parent or caregiver can assist rider with steering the cycle. The AM-16 Model AmTryke can be adapted with a wide variety of seating options and accessories so that most riders can feel safe and secure. Arm length (center of shoulder to middle of hand) 18-27 inches; Leg length (center of hip to bottom of shoe) 24-36 inches


     Continuous chain mechanism for hand/foot movement; Safety Steering lock pin for graduated steering: straight, 20 degrees left/right, free steering; Four-way adjustable seating- up/down and forward/back; Unique hinged front end with three positions for adjustable hand crank/foot crank to seat alignment; Self-righting pedals with heel trap, instep and toe straps; Loading brake for easy transfer of rider; 16 inch solid front wheel and cantered 16 inch pneumatic rear wheels; Low center of gravity; Available in red only; Bucket Seat measures 13 inches wide, 8 inches seat depth and 11 inches tall. It also features a 50 inch lap strap and 40 inch chest strap. Safety helmet included; Assembly required; Maximum weight 175lbs; Riders height over 43 inches

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